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"Being sustainable is working today thinking about tomorrow."

Welcome to Freeland Tree Service & Landscaping,


We are experts providing tree service care, removal, cutting, pruning, grinding and much more. You can rely on us with all your tree removal needs.


Whatever you need, we are here for you 24/7. Our team of professionals are ready to take care of all your tree and landscaping needs with the appropriate equipment.


Our teams specialize in high-altitude work, with tree-planting techniques and tree management. We make it a priority to meet all relevant standards and regulations. We have heavy equipment to increase our efficiency. We are focused on overcoming challenges and take pride in the excellence of our work.


All employees are highly trained and equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and operate with machines suitable for each type of situation.


All the services performed are accompanied by a Technical Supervisor who is focused on the Safety of our workers. Rest assured qualified staff who have specific certificates for their work to be executed with excellence.


      Social Responsability


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Freeland always takes its community and the  environment into account

You must be wondering why this should be important to you? Well, in an increasingly industrialized world, causing serious environmental impacts, looks for ways to  responsibility shows that the company that practices it, has maturity and reduces negative processes, whether they are judicial or labor lawsuits. Whether practicing social responsibility, sustainable production or encouraging sustainable consumption, the company reinforces the practice of the debate on environmental care through business, which is already widely discussed in the world and still contributes significantly to the improvement and preservation of it.


Hiring Freeland Tree Service & Landscaping means that together we can make a difference in the environment. We promise that for every tree we take down we will donate a tree back into our community. As a team we together can make a difference!






Urban forests yield countless benefits to us and our surrounding environment. Trees can improve air quality, support environmental health, strengthen communities, promote physical and mental health and provide economic benefits.

Social Benefits of Trees

Trees foster a strong social community. Having trees in communities have been known to strengthen social development, reduce crime, and provide spaces for people to come together. Consider the following resources to discover how trees build a better community.

80% of the world's forests are already destroyed





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